What is the Leading Edge programming about?

The Leading Edge series includes thirty-minute and short-form interstitial segments that are content-specific, educational pieces highlighting a specific topic. These pieces feature a myriad of content providers as innovators in their respective industries.

Will the short-form interstitials and thirty minute segments air on Public TV?

Yes. Leading Edge utilizes a national distributor who works with the stations directly to ensure the placement of the segments and shows created. After delivery, these Public Television affiliates have the right to continuously re-air the segments for up to one year.

Does Leading Edge have any relationship with PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) or APT (American Public Television)?

No, and this is very common source of viewer confusion. APT and PBS are content providers for Public Television stations. However, these stations may also receive content from the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA), local production companies, or a variety of independent program providers. Leading Edge is an independent program provider and distributes the segments directly to the Public Television stations via satellite uplink.

Is the host (Jimmy Johnson) used exclusively for the Public Television content?

Yes. His role is specifically to host the educational content provided to Public Television. Jimmy Johnson may not be utilized for any other commercial distribution purposes.

Who owns the rights for the finished segments?

The rights to both the commercial and corporate profile segments will be released to the participant organization and can be utilized with no re-airing restriction. However, the Public Television segment with host Jimmy Johnson may only be utilized for Public Television distribution. As such, the rights for the Public Television segment will remain with Leading Edge.

Are the finalized projects affiliated with any specific network?

No. These projects are created in-house by our experienced and award-winning production team and distributed to associated Public Television stations nationwide.

How much time does the participant typically spend on the project?

The production team at Leading Edge will minimize the time needed for participant coordination. Most projects require approximately a 5-9 hour commitment. This includes roughly five hours preparing the necessary materials at project inception, three hours for script discussions and subsequent review, eight hours for coordination on the shoot day, and four hours for final project review and city selection for commercial airings.